The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Word

Caffeine-free peppermint tea. Soothing Psalms music. I’m in another world. I began my novel draft on schedule, January 18, 2012. Actually, I handwrote the first scene a few days before that because I knew I’d lose it otherwise. That unexpected scene set the course for the chapter and introduced an interesting subplot I have no idea what to do with. But that’s okay. I have about three others I’m clueless about as well. I love fiction.

Going down south for three days to visit family put me 4500 words behind my goal (1500 a day). I’m almost caught up, the grand total now just over 11,000. But what I didn’t expect on the trip was to sit on the couch in our condo at Piney Shores and watch two hours of Extreme Makeover (Home Edition) with my eighteen-year-old nephew. Probably the one clean show on TV we both could stand to watch. It had to be a God-thing, because one episode inspired a strong subplot in my novel I had had no idea would come until, literally, the words showed up on my screen. Not until the next day did I realize it tied in perfectly with another character I didn’t know until a character I did know introduced us.

Don’t worry—it’s not clear in my mind either. But I just thank the Lord for allowing this time in my life to write a novel.


For Him,

Sarah Elisabeth