Storytelling and the Choctaw Labor Day Festival 2017

Cool temperatures. Lights dancing through the evening sky. I took my time strolling the Choctaw Capitol Grounds on Friday evening after watching the powwow Grand Entry. (See video snippets on my Facebook page)

As I passed the large old brick Council House, I turned my head to follow its clean lines, the red mansard roof contrasted by the fading blue sky as night crept over the Potato Hills surrounding Tuskahoma, Oklahoma.

I hadn’t been away from our booth much in two days. It felt good to stretch my legs, to take in the sights and sounds of the four day Choctaw Labor Day festival. There in the distance was the Ferris Wheel at the carnival, and I smiled, thinking about researching Mr. Ferris’ Wheel last year for my novel (Traitors) set in 1893. 

Along the road, children scampered around people with their dogs, and I thought of being a little girl at this festival with my brother, Mama, Daddy and our little black Chinese pug, Coal Younger. All night gospel singings where I’d fall asleep on the cool bleacher under the covering of the huge amphitheater. Living memories.

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What Native artists can learn from “Real Artists Don't Starve”

Broken down into three parts, Real Artist Don't Starve takes you on a journey of transformation. What does the life a successful (“Thriving”) artist look like? Are you born with special gifts, talents, advantages? If not, can you still make it as an artist? What traits must you possess to make a living in the 21st century?

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How to Get Started in Fiction Writing

As an author and a writing instructor, I often get emails from those who are interested in getting started with writing fiction as a passion, and possible income. Fiction can include novels all the way down to micro stories, with novellas, short stories, and flash fiction in between. Here are some resources to get you started, but don't feel overwhelmed. It's a journey.

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Two Easy Options for Reading Kindle eBooks

People often ask how they can read my books as an ebook. There are two options on how to read Kindle ebooks:

  1. Buy an e-reader
  2. Download the Kindle app to read books from any device

If you want a dedicated e-reader, I suggest this one: Kindle E-reader (I have an older model)

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New Novel Set in the Old Choctaw Nation

“Someone’s going to be king in this territory. No reason it can’t be me. It sure won’t be you.” 


Traitors, (Choctaw Tribune Series, Book 2) picks up a storyline started in the well-received novel, The Executions (Book 1). Set in 1890s Choctaw Nation, the Choctaw Tribune Series follows the journey of a fictional mixed-blood Choctaw family as they encounter the real events and real history in Indian Territory before Oklahoma became a state. A historical fiction series with a Western flare, these Native stories explore racial, political, spiritual, and social issues in the old Choctaw Nation—and beyond.

From the back cover of Traitors:

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