That is WRONG

Of Knights and Fair Maidens I’ll be honest. I planned to write a post about the Medieval Faire I attended in October, but couldn’t think of a creative angle. I wanted to leave you with more than the memory of dazzling pictures. I almost passed up writing this, but one thing kept replaying in my mind. The phrase, “That is wrong.” Ah, yes. I think we have something here.

In October, I was privileged once again to attend the Medieval Faire put together by my dear friend, Rebekah Ray. Amid the elegant, and mostly authentic, medieval ware we learned more of the true history surrounding the time of the crusades.

But before that, we experienced some genuine medieval entertainment in the form of mock battles demonstrated by members of the Fellowship of Christian Swordsmen

They also treated us to an inside look at the process of bringing a battle to life. Their spokesperson, Kevin Karaki, cautioned kids to “not try this at home.” Sorry, parents, I don’t believe it did much good.

A Dose of Truth

After the feasts and fights, we settled in for Kevin’s oratory on the crusades. He’s majoring in history, but still asked if anyone present had been to the Holy Land. When no hands went up, Kevin said, “Good, then no one can dispute what I’m about to say.”

 With humor and audience interaction, he simplified the stark time in history. His goal was to dispel the misconceptions about what started the crusades and the fueled conflict that spanned generations. After stating a common belief, he requested that if any of us heard someone say it, we should walk up to them and say, “That is wrong.” And proceed to give the facts. We practiced this throughout Kevin’s talk, always on queue with, “That is wrong.”

I benefitted from the laughs and the history lesson, then went about enjoying the day, which included archery. I joined in this year, and actually sank one of my three arrows into the target.

Before we started though, there was an issue with finding the arrows we were to use. As we waited, Rebekah’s dad made a good humored joke using one of those misconceptions. We laughed, and someone said, “That is wrong!”


Sometimes it’s just the thing we need to do. Take a stand.

In a loving spirit: “Come now, and let us reason together,” says the Lord. Isa 1:18

Imagine. What would our world be like if all who knew the truth—simply said it?

For Him,

Sarah Elisabeth