Take a trip to the Chicago World's Fair...in 1893 (Book review)

Against the backdrop of the Chicago World’s Fair, Rosalind’s task of unraveling the mystery of her missing sister is derailed by new enemies and unwanted romances. A young woman coming from the background of a simple farm in Wisconsin, she doesn’t stand much chance in the complexities of high society she is entering as a maid in the plush Sloane house. Disappearing maids and a pushy young Sloane has Rosalind constantly looking over her shoulder for danger. When she gives away her secret to a man she hardly knows, Rosalind wonders if she’s made her worst mistake ever. Or was it the best?

The Chicago World’s Fair history holds intrigue and mystery. I enjoyed traipsing around the fair and through the halls of the dark Sloane house with Rosalind, a young woman very much alone and out of place in the big city. She finds ways to be brave and face her fears despite chilling obstacles. Though the mystery wasn’t quite what I hoped as this book fell more into the romance category, I liked the historical details, and this trip to the World’s Fair.


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