F.E.A.R and What You Can Do About It

You’ve probably experienced it. The time when something happens to you, major or minor, and the first person you tell turns around and tells you a story about so and so who had the same thing happen to them, and their horrific outcome. So it was when I discovered a tick buried in my side. I won’t go into all the treatments my mom immediately launched, and the doctor visit, but let’s just say we did all we could to hopefully prevent disease down the road. I wasn’t worried, determined to turn the results over to God.

First person I tell? A beloved friend. First thing she does? Tells the horrors of Lyme disease and how it may not show up for years.

Next person I tell? My beloved boss. First thing she does? Tells of her friend who had a tick and how full blown Lyme developed after four years, eventually putting her friend on disability.

I was tempted to start worrying.

That same weekend, my boss had awful blisters on her heels. Someone asked why she was limping, and after she told them, they launched into a story about so and so who had the same type blisters, got infected and died.

These reaction stories aren’t meant to implant fear in your heart. Often the person telling them does it to keep you from experiencing the same horrors as someone they know. But if you’ve already done everything you can, there’s not much encouragement in a sad story.

Same thing with failure. Have you ever shared a dream with someone and they immediately tell you about someone just like you who failed at the same thing?

Here comes the fear.

Fear of failure is paralyzing. But really, it’s no different than taking every precaution you can for your health problem, and then not worry about what could go wrong. Why even fear something unless it exists?

When you start out to live the life God’s called you to, you can’t let the fear of failure stop you. You just take every possible precaution, do your due diligence, and then do it.

We can choose not to fear, to give our worries over to God. That choice is a daily, sometimes by the minute, decision.

Here’s a good breakdown of fear Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad author) uses:





What false evidence is stopping you today? Share your fears in the comments and leave them there.


For Him,

Sarah Elisabeth