In Their Own Words


Book Review: The Portable Patriot


     The best way to learn about the founding of the United States of America is from the founders themselves. The Portable Patriot, edited by Joel J. Miller and Kristen Parrish, is filled with well known and lesser known tales that brought this country to its point of birth and beyond. From the witty writings of Benjamin Franklin to the solemn advice of George Washington, this book caused me to laugh out loud, share quotes of wisdom with friends, and ponder the present state of our nation.

     The courage, bravery, and sacrifices of these men and women made me want to cry. They not only wanted freedom for themselves–their plan was to insure it be passed down for generations to come.

     Be forewarned: The Portable Patriot is not a contemporary read. I found myself re-reading parts to comprehend the depth of meaning of some essays. Nevertheless, I preferred the original writings as they helped me understand the thoughts and paradigms of our founding fathers.

     Overall, I’d recommend this to everyone if for nothing more than to read the articles that shaped our country into one of the greatest in history–and perhaps help us find our way back to that place once again.