Special Announcement!


Wait, isn’t that the term you use for new arrivals, as in babies? If so, my title is appropriate, because the publication of a debut novel follows much of the same pattern as having your first baby. From conception, through the anxiety and joy-filled thoughts of motherhood, to the impatient anticipation of the big day, not quite sure exactly when that will be, or what it will be like. The agonizing pains of labor, the sweat, the tears, the fear. And then…it’s all over. You hold the newborn book, uh, baby in your arms at last.

No, I’ve never had a baby. No, I’ve never published a novel. But my friend has. (Just the latter, of course!)

Without further rabbit trail hopping, I’d like to announce the publication of The Kingmakers, by Serafia Cross. I couldn’t be more excited for my dear friend. She has worked so consistently on drafting and editing this novel series, The Last King of Legends, it puts me to shame. Visit her website www.SerafiaCross.com for details on the series and an excerpt from the novel.



In 1174 King Baldwin IV of Jerusalem is thrust into power at age thirteen. Only a few individuals know his greatest secret—he is a leper. Despite all their training and abilities, they cannot teach him to live long, so they teach him how to reign great and craft a king myths are made of—a king history almost forgot. They are The Kingmakers to The Last King of Legends.

Book One, The Kingmakers, is now available. Get a copy.

‘Nuff said.

For Him,

Sarah Elisabeth