Stuck Backwards

  There I sat, kayak turned backwards at the top of three tiers of rocks. The chilly water rushed over the front, filling my seat and soaking me. I was stuck.

We started the day looking for a mix of relaxation and adventure. There were nine of us in all, including my mom, Lynda Kay, and my brother, Jon. The event took a flurry of phone calls, texting and a few weeks to pull together, but the caravan of two packed cars was ready to go early Saturday morning, September 10. Destination: Mountain Fork River, Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

Being the adventurous group we were, guys in the majority, we couldn’t settle for just a paddle down the little rapids, cruising the four miles. No. We had to paddle upstream. And flip kayaks, accidently and intentionally. And drag our boats overland to catch every fun fall at least twice. Then someone spotted the rope swing.


Because of my now fatigued state, they were able to talk me into doing it. But as soon as my full, uh, weight, hit my hyper flex shoulders, I let loose with a yelp and lost my grip on the knot I was instructed to hold onto. But wow. Somehow the drop into the icy river water was fun.

 Now back to those three tiers of rocks. The awkward position I found myself in was the only time I was stumped in what to do. If I could shove myself off the rocks, another two foot drop awaited behind me, with a boulder not five feet away. I thought about stepping out, and try turning my kayak. But the incredible rush of water gave me pause. I could only count on one good knee. Besides, as soon as I stood, my weight-free kayak would likely shoot off down river.

When I’m stuck in such a helpless situation, there’s only one thing to do. Await rescue. This came in the form of my muscular brother, Jon, who braved the rushing water and slippery rocks to lift the front of my kayak, me and all, and turn it so I could take the last drop front ways. Yes, it required skill and technique to maneuver the rest of the boulders on that little bit, but I was up for it. Hey, it wasn’t my first rodeo.

But how funny is that compared to life? Stuck on the rocks, facing the wrong way, with cold water and boulder threats adding to the misery. Out of control, hopeless, and despair are some words that come to mind. But sometimes we just need to sit tight. Help is on the way, because there is a Friend that sticks closer than a brother.


For Him,

Sarah Elisabeth

Prov. 18:24