A Different Perspective—An Original Flash Fiction


I wrote this back in June for the blog Gracylu Originals. Hope you enjoy this flash fiction—from a different perspective.

For Him,

Sarah Elisabeth


Everyone’s making faces at me. I want to cry, so I do.

They keep making faces. I breathe and scream as loud as I can. Then something bright catches my eye. I look. It’s waving back and forth over my head. I twist, trying to see better. It lowers to my nose and tickles it.

I smile and giggle. They stopped making faces and I look around at them again. There’s so much to keep up with.

I want to cry again, but warm arms pick me up and hold me close. Ah, this is the familiar place. Close to the beating heart I know well. The heart that gave me life. I focus on the eyes of the one who holds me. She wipes the bubbles from around my lips, so I make more. She laughs.

A jolt and I’m handed into other arms. Ah, these are familiar too. He swings me back and forth, and dangles the bright thing over my head again. I reach up to grasp it. He tugs but I hold fast. He laughs.

Wait. What’s this? She slips something over my head. I cry and try to move away. I wiggle, and realize I’ve let go of the bright thing. I grab it and hold on.

My eyes try to capture the soft fabric on my head, but it’s out of sight. Still holding the bright thing, I rub my other hand along my head, trying to push the fabric off.

A laugh and a gentle hand lowers my arm and tickles my tummy. I giggle and blow more bubbles.

She disappears from sight for the longest time, but I’m having fun playing with him as he tries to tug the bright thing from my fist.

Then he lays me on my tummy. I push with my hands and lift my head. A giant sits beside me, but it’s okay. The giant has spent many nights asleep in my bed. His fur is fuzzy and soft. I grab the giant’s foot.

“Smile, Sweet Pea!”

My eyes find her again, something dark in her hands. Wait. It’s not her, but another her. But him and her stand close, so it doesn’t bother me.

I pull on the giant’s foot until I can put it in my mouth. Part of it, at least.

A flash of light shines in my eyes, but I’m used to it. It’s happened every since I took my first breath outside of her. I’m not sure if I like it or not, but as long as I have her or him or the giant, it’s okay.

I rub at the thing on my head again, until the gentle hands move my arms down and rolls me to my back. The other her is standing over me now, and more bright flashes. Lots of hims and hers crowd around.

They’re making faces again but I decide not to cry as I kick up with my feet and wave my arms through the air. This is fun.