Do You Like Me?

  Well, not me exactly. My new Facebook fan page! I finally have Sarah Elisabeth Writes up and running, looking smart with the welcome page featuring my first ebook cover. Here are 7 reasons to “LIKE” my fan page:

1. I’ll post things on it not available on my personal page

2. Occasionally, I’ll hold a drawing exclusively for fans of the page

3. I’m starting a series called “A Thousand Reasons to Praise God.” Be encouraged and join in with your reason of the day!

4. You can easily share my writing with your Facebook friends by inviting them to “LIKE” the page

5. When I need beta readers, I’ll ask my fans first

6. About once a month, I post one of my flash fiction stories

7. I’ll like you forever and ever!

That’s enough reasons to “LIKE” my fan page, right? I hope so, because I don’t want to take up anymore of your time talking about it. Oh, and thanks!


For Him,

Sarah Elisabeth