Right at Home—Confessions of a Homeschooler, Home Business Owner, Stay-at-Home Daughter

  If I were a place, I’d be home

Sarah Elisabeth

Whether you’re one or all three of the above, you know it takes more than a simple explanation when asked things like,

“Where do you go to school?”

“What kind of work do you do?”

“So you still live at home with your parents?”

My Education

The first question usually makes me laugh, because I look more seventeen than twenty-seven. I still have people ask what high school I go to. Flattering, I know. A laughing “I’m passed that,” is usually followed with, “Oh, so you’re in college?”

“Um, no, I decided to bypass college.”

“Oh. So what do you do, exactly?”

Not an easy question or a short answer. I must admit, answering the home school question is safer than it used to be when I was a kid and most home school families were hiding out. Because of early pioneers like my parents, home schooling is a different story today. But it doesn’t shorten the answer, because it’s still a novelty to some people and the stereotype questions take a bit to diffuse.

After graduating, I chose to continue education at home, creating studies to advance my business and writing skills. One term for this is Self-Educated, but I can’t take all the credit. My mama’s still the best teacher in the world! We’ve created our own terms, such as LEP: Life Experience Portfolio. I’ll have to do a blog post on that someday.

My Business

A home business is another novelty people dream of and want to know more about when they meet a real live home business owner. I love talking to people about my work and lifestyle because I’m passionate about it and would love to see more people living the call God put on their heart. But how do I explain my many endeavors fast enough to keep eyes from glazing over, or the undo awe that I’m some kind of smart person?

I never have a pat answer. I don’t practice ahead of time what I’m going to say or how to explain the life I live. Each person I meet is unique and deserves a custom answer.

I start off with, “I’m a writer.” If they’re still interested, the conversation goes from there.

My Home

Ah, and the last question. Embarrassing for some, perhaps, but it’s a badge of pride for me. The good kind of pride that allows me to look people in the eye and say, “Yes, I’m still at home with my mama. That’s what affords me to do all the creative stuff God’s called me to do.”

Because we synergize our incomes and share expenses, neither of us has to work a full time job. My mama pursues her filmmaking. I pursue my writing and businesses.

And if I were a place, I’d be home.


Which of the three are you, or that you desire to be? Share a piece of your life in the comments.