Remembering You-A Tricia Goyer Meme

Author Tricia Goyer is hosting a Remembering You meme on her blog. Here are my answers to her Christmas questions. If you decide to join the meme (all participants are entered for a chance to win a four book prize pack!), be sure to let me know so I can enjoy your answers. 1. What's your favorite holiday song? I hate picking favorites, so here’s the first that came to mind: Silent Night.

2. What's your favorite holiday tradition? Enjoying the parade with friends on our small downtown square. A peaceful Christmas Eve dinner, then classic Christmas movies.

3. If you could travel one place with an elderly family member where would you go? Hmm, probably take my great-aunt to our Choctaw homeland in Mississippi.

4. What questions would you ask? All about her life growing up in Oklahoma, and more about our Choctaw ancestry.

5. What is a non-tangible gift you have received from an elderly relative? Stories about my papaw when he was young, and their father.

6. What is the best/worst/strangest gift you've received from an elderly relative? Once, my papaw bet me five dollars I wouldn’t write him a letter after a visit to his house. I started writing the letter in the car, and mailed it the next day. Not long after that, I received a five dollar bill in the mail with the corner of a piece of paper where he’d written: You win.


Visit Tricia’s blog for details on joining a Remembering You meme.


For Him,

Sarah Elisabeth