Tribute to my Papaw


   Everyone needs a cowboy in their life to tell the stories of riding the range. Tall tales of the way things used to be with just enough truth to reserve a memory in one’s heart.

   Everyone needs a cowboy. You were mine.

   Everyone needs a comic in their life to bring bright rays of light even in the saddest of times. One who, with a few words, can bring tears to your eyes from laughter.

   Everyone needs a comic. You were mine.

Everyone needs a friend in their life to share an inside joke. A special thing that belongs to no other but you and him.  Something that cuts an unusual path into your heart.

   Everyone needs a friend. You were mine.

   Everyone needs an elder in their life. Someone to remind of where you came from and of the heritage given you. One who will tell you, without words, to be proud of your Choctaw blood.

   Everyone needs an elder. You were mine.

   Everyone needs a loved one waiting for them on the shores of Heaven. Someone who will show you around the place when your time comes. One to reserve a spot for you close to the throne.

   Everyone needs a loved one in Heaven. You are mine.

   Everyone needs a Papaw in their life to love and be loved by. One to call you a corny nickname, and say you are gifted. A Papaw whose voice will ring true for all the years to come.

   Everyone needs a Papaw. You are mine.



August 29th, 1930 ~ April 1st, 2010