Lights, Camera, Action!

Quiet on the Set In the darkness of predawn, silence reigned in the home. I wondered about the time. Surely it couldn’t be 6 AM yet. I had just fallen asleep. But headlights shining through the window of the front door proved me wrong.

Still, I didn’t move from the comfy cushion of the futon mattress spread on the floor in the alcove. I snuggled deeper as if I could stop time. It took a doorbell ringing for reality to kick in.

In came the catering crew family with the promise of a delicious breakfast. Since only girls in the crew had slept at the host house, it was a scramble for the two baths and a chance to brush teeth, smear makeup and get dressed. Most of us brushed our hair, too.

The home came alive with a bustle of activity that lasted the next fourteen hours. Months in the making, the big day of actually filming Colors had arrived.

Fast Paced Chaos

There are situations where I thrive on fast paced chaos. It’s one of the times when I don’t stress because everyone else is.  The role of Assistant Director lined up with my forte.

Looking back on the pictures, I think, “I don’t remember doing that,” and laugh. What I do remember is sitting on the floor in the hall, eating lunch, and thinking about taking a vote for a union nap.

I constantly listened for, “Camera,” “Speeding,” as my queue to yell, “Quiet on the set!” Okay, I should have added please. Guess that’s why certain smarties at the table kept laughing at me. How immature. I responded by making a face at them.

After a long afternoon, the pace slowed as the extras and support actors left and we finished the last two scenes. We never lacked laughs.

6:59 PM

The final scene shot, the announcement came from our director, my mom, Lynda Kay Sawyer.

“That’s a wrap!”

Ah. A relief, but sad too. The end of a great day had come. Well, almost. We still had to take the crew picture…

And eat dinner of course.

I’d never been part of a film production, of any kind, before. But I felt right at home.

Can’t wait for the next adventure.


For Him,

Sarah Elisabeth