He's Not Really Gone

Sunday, August 26, 2012, my daddy left his earth suit behind to be with his mama, brother and Jesus in Heaven. Through this unexpected loss, God’s provided friends and family to engulf us in love, prayers and support.

Monday, August 27, 2012, I wrote the following piece. May God use it to comfort those who mourn.


He’s not really gone

Over and over I repeat the words

They’re not true

Nurse, do something, Doctor, do something

Somebody do something

He’s not really gone

Lord, just one more day, one more hour

One more minute to say “I love you” one more time

At home, the first thing I see is your shirt on the arm of the couch

I clutch your walking stick and weep

He’s not really gone

You’ll be home later in the morning

It’ll be time for Mama to fix your eggs and make sure you take your vitamins

Tonight we’ll have a Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Big Valley marathon

Then I’ll fix your computer and explain Facebook again

This weekend you’ll play your guitar and sing for the nursing home residents

You’ll sing the song you wrote, “Tell Mama her boy is coming home.”

He’s not really gone

I see him that final time before they take his earthly body away

I touch him, touch my heart and I know

He’s right here with me forever

Thank You, Lord Jesus, He’s not really gone

Ara C. Sawyer 1946-2012