Novel Journey—Challenges


Surely I lost weight with all the words that left my brain this week. 11,000 so far, with 4K more to write before Sunday. Not a staggering amount, but it did bring my novel word count up to 40,000, roughly the halfway point. I also did brainstorming on the plot and made some sad discoveries, but it’ll give the novel the midpoint twist it needs. Sort of like real life. Whether it seems things couldn’t get worse, or that everything’s okey dokey, they always change.

On the self challenge to write 50K in the month of March? Yesterday was the 15th. With a 4K day, I was right on schedule to meet the challenge, but I’m waning. May need a bit of encouragement or motivation to keep me pounding out words. Perhaps a prize? Will you give me virtual chocolate if I make next week’s quota of 12K?


For Him,

Sarah Elisabeth