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Product Info



TITLE: Anumpa Warrior: Choctaw Code Talkers of World War I

AUTHOR: Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

PUBLISHER: RockHaven Publishing


RETAIL PRICE: $15.99 US (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-0-9910259-5-4

PAGES: 321

Promotion Info


The day I betrayed Isaac, I vowed never again to speak my native language in front of white men.

When America enters the Great War in 1917, Bertram Robert Dunn and his Choctaw buddies from Armstrong Academy join the army to protect their homes, their families, and their country. Hoping to find redemption for a horrible lie that betrayed his best friend, B.B. heads into the trenches of France—but what he discovers is a duty only his native tongue can fulfill.

War correspondent Matthew Teller is ready to quit until an encounter with a fellow Choctaw sets him on a path to write the untold story of American Indian doughboys. But entrenched stereotypes and prejudices tear at his burning desire to spread truth.

With the Allies building toward the greatest offensive drive of the war, the American Expeditionary Forces face a superior enemy who intercepts their messages and knows their every move. Can the solution come from a people their own government stripped of culture and language?

Press Release

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SARAH ELISABETH SAWYER is a story archeologist. She digs up shards of past lives, hopes, and truths, and pieces them together for readers today. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian honored her as a literary artist through their Artist Leadership Program for her work in preserving Choctaw Trail of Tears stories. A tribal member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, she writes historical fiction from her hometown in Texas, partnering with her mother, Lynda Kay Sawyer, in continued research for future works. Learn more at and


SARAH ELISABETH SAWYER is an award-winning inspirational author, speaker, and Choctaw storyteller. Learn more about her work to preserve Choctaw history and culture at


You are welcome to use these photos. Click on the image and a larger version will pop-up. Video clips from my France research trip are available.

Choctaw Code Talker Otis Leader as the “ideal American doughboy.” Rare historical painting commissioned by the French Army Museum. Replica donated to the Choctaw Nation museum.

Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer and Lynda Kay Sawyer. Photo by R. A. Whiteside. Courtesy of the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution

Original battle map where the Choctaw Code Talkers fought.

Forest Ferme Overlook at Voncq, France. Photo by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

In a WWI German concrete bunker. France. Photo by Tiajuana Cochnauer.

Otis Leader Portrait Replica Presentation. Photo by Lynda Kay Sawyer


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Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Artist Leadership Program — Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer


  • Who were the Choctaw Code Talkers of World War I?

  • Did they use their language as an actual code?

  • Why did you write this story?

  • Where did you conduct your research?

  • How did you obtain a replica of the Choctaw Code Talker Otis Leader portrait from the Army Museum in France?

  • Where in France did the Choctaws engage in battle? How long were they there?

  • Have you connected with any Choctaw code talker descendants through your research?

  • Who was the oldest person you interviewed for the project?

  • How long have you been writing?

  • What does being Choctaw mean to you?

  • Who would most enjoy reading this book? Is it appropriate for all ages?

  • What message do you want readers to take away from this story?

  • What is the Texas connection with Choctaw Code Talkers?

  • What is the Arkansas connection with Choctaw Code Talkers?

  • What inspired the main character and his storyline?

  • How much is fiction and how much is fact in the novel?

  • What was the process for creating the cover design?

  • Will there be a sequel to Anumpa Warrior?

  • What other books have you written and what inspired those works?

  • What is your next project?

  • How can people connect with you?

Fan Resources

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