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Halito, I'm Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer, author, speaker, and Choctaw storyteller. I write historical fiction that features authentic American Indian characters.

This fall, I'm gearing up for the release of a monumental project two years in the making—a novel about the Choctaw Code Talkers of World War I.

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Reviews are coming in from early readers:

I was spellbound, speechless, and teary eyed. Sarah has given life to what might otherwise have remained obscure historical facts and vague memories from 100 years ago. I’m amazed at the reality she managed to weave into such a multi-faceted story of courage, ingenuity, and diversity. As a Southeast Oklahoma Choctaw, I’m honored and proud of the service of these young Choctaw soldiers. As the granddaughter of a WWI Choctaw Code Talker, I am deeply affected by the way Sarah told their story.
— Beth (Frazier) Lawless, granddaughter of Tobias Frazier
Forest Ferme battle site where the Choctaw did their code talking during World War I. October, 1918. I took this photo on a research trip. April, 2018

Forest Ferme battle site where the Choctaw did their code talking during World War I. October, 1918. I took this photo on a research trip. April, 2018

Sarah’s eloquent style and words give the story so much life and spirit. I say châpeau, hats off to you!
— Jeffrey Aarnio, former superintendent, American Battle Monuments Commission

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On my blog, I share stories, insights into Choctaw history and culture, and behind the scenes of my journey as a full-time writer. 

Stories have the power to transform. I experience transformation when I write. You experience transformation when you read. And that's why I write. I want the stories you read to take you on a journey of quiet reflection, of looking deep and seeing the world through new eyes. To give you renewed life.

These stories aren't wrapped up in platitudes of happily ever after. But just as there's harsh reality, enduring hope and incredible rises from the ashes. You'll read how in the stories I write. 

I invite you join me on this journey of discovery, a journey of hope. Bring some tissue. 

What readers are saying:

Among the many pleasures of Sarah Elisabeth’s writing are her attention to character, language, and period detail. In the Choctaw Tribune, a story grounded in history and the complexities of pre-statehood Oklahoma, she brings to life, with great heart, the compelling mix of cultures, faith, and political intrigue in the old Choctaw Nation. An intriguing read.
— Rilla Askew, author of "The Mercy Seat"
Outstanding research and superb writing that accurately depicts a tough and critical time of the Choctaw Nation and its people. Author Sarah Elisabeth has an old soul in a young lady, a powerful combination that clearly displays her love and passion for the Choctaw ways. Cannot wait to read more of her writings!
— Gary Batton, Chief of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
I loved the details about the everyday experience of those that endured the Trail of Tears. This story helps to explain why the Choctaw Nation is as successful as it is today. Forgiveness, faith, family, and culture.
— R. Robinson, Amazon reviewer
Just finished this book about my great-great grandfather by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer. It was a great read. Thank you for writing it and thank you for preserving a bit of my family history and culture.
— Matthew, Amazon reviewer
Sarah is a wonderful, imaginative writer that has the ability to paint pictures with her words.
— Jennifer, Amazon reviewer


My Books


  • Touch My Tears: Tales from the Trail of Tears
  • Tushpa's Story (Touch My Tears Collection)
  • The Executions (Choctaw Tribune Series, Book 1)
  • Traitors (Choctaw Tribune Series, Book 2)
  • Third Side of the Coin (A Short Story Collection)

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My Story


Once upon a time...

a shy baby girl was born.

I had a message about kindness I wanted to share with the world. I was five years old and painfully bashful. So I wrote my message as a story. 


I've been writing ever since.

Born and raised in Texas, I lived 4-H during my teen years. Horses, gardening, leadership, community service, and of course, recordbooks. And yes, I was homeschooled. 

My dream in those days? To become a horse trainer and a writer. 

Halfway there...

In 2009, I surrendered all the crazy desires and expectations of and on my life to God. He brought writing back into my life, and I haven't looked back. 

My world split in 2012 when my daddy passed. Singer, songwriter, storyteller. Through those gifts, Ara C. Sawyer told people about Jesus. Seriously. No matter where the conversation started with friends and strangers alike, that's where it ended up. 


My world did split. Two days after my daddy passed, I was accepted into the Artist in Leadership Program with the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI), Smithsonian Institution.

Two weeks in Washington, D.C - researching the Choctaw Trail of Tears, giving presentations, storytelling at the NMAI, the list goes on (and on in the blog posts.)

This is an excellent time to introduce you to my driving force, encourager, editor, mentor, and best friend. You got it. My mama, Lynda Kay Sawyer.

She has walked beside me every step of the way on this journey. The kind folks at the NMAI included her in my artist headshot session.

Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer and Lynda Kay Sawyer -Medium JPEG.jpg

After the research portion of my NMAI program, I brought it home to my Choctaw community with a writing workshop to gather authors for what would become an epic project. We published Touch My Tears in 2013.

The next year, we published Third Side of the Coin, a collection of short stories that came from my entries in the Writing Challenge. That challenge played a huge role in shaping me into the storyteller I am. 

In 2015, First Peoples Fund welcomed me into their family through the Artist in Business Leadership fellowship. This boosted my writing career to the next level, helping me publish my next two books, The Executions and Tushpa's Story. I now write monthly content for the First Peoples Fund eSpirit newsletter and the Chahta Foundation as a freelance copywriter.


It's been a long journey of beautiful things and incredible challenges, of joy, heartaches, but always, always hope.


God is such an amazing author...I can’t wait to turn the page each day to see what He has next for my life.
— Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

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